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Kathmandu Nepal

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Sunday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM

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who i’m

Arbin Khadka
Co-Founder and Cheif Marketing Officer(CMO)
DOB: 1999-08-18
Blood Group: B+

Since you've scanned and landed here, get ready to know more about me! I'm the kind of person who jumps into anything that comes my way. New ideas and challenges? Definitely! I enjoy shaking things up and trying out new stuff. It's like breaking the mold, but with some extra coolness. Cool, right? But wait, there's more! I'm on a quest to keep this body in tip-top shape because, apparently, health is wealth. Books are my jam—favorites include Karnali Blues, Eksarko Maya, Zero To One, The Personal MBA, and others I can't remember right now (classic me). Spot me in the office, and I'll be the one working diligently while grooving to some tunes. 1974 AD's songs have a special place in my heart, along with a weakness for '70s music that I just can't quit. Weekends? That's reserved for movie marathons in my cozy zone. Adventure? I'm all in!

My Hobbies

My Roles

Oh, that's a challenging question for me. In my role at the company, I wear multiple hats. I handle the branding and marketing initiatives, ensuring they align with the company's vision. I take charge of the overall vision, steering the company towards its goals. Creating systems that synchronize all aspects to boost team and company output is part of my responsibility. While it may seem like a walk in the park, managing the entire company involves numerous tasks—from overseeing the team to ensuring continual growth while implementing changes. And you can see that I can do my job better. I love what I do, and this passion fuels my commitment to ensuring the team and the company not only move forward but flourish and adapt seamlessly.