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What's Inside?

In this video, we delve into effective communication strategies with sellers on B2B platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China. Learn how to initiate conversations, use chat features, and communicate your product requirements efficiently.

Key points covered in this video

  • Starting a Chat
  • Better Product Chats
  • Overcoming Language Barriers
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Learning from Customers
  • Closing Deals
  • Talking About Payments
  • After-Delivery Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate a chat with a seller?

You can start a chat by clicking on the “Chat Now” or “Send Inquiry” button on the product page. Alternatively, on some platforms, you can use the “Start Order” option for communication.

What can I do to improve product discussions with sellers?

Clearly state your requirements, ask for real product photos or videos, and request detailed information about specifications, sizes, and materials to ensure effective communication.

How can I overcome language barriers while communicating with Chinese sellers?

Use simple and clear English, leverage translation tools, and ask for clarification when needed. Keeping communication concise can also help.

What questions should I ask to get detailed information about the product?

Inquire about product specifications, available sizes, materials used, production time, and any customization options.

How can real customer experiences help me in making decisions?

Look for product reviews and ratings, and ask the seller for references. Real customer experiences provide insights into the product’s quality and the seller’s reliability.

What negotiation strategies can be effective when finalizing deals with sellers?

Consider negotiating on quantity, pricing, and shipping terms. Be clear about your expectations and try to find a mutually beneficial agreement.

What aspects should be discussed when talking about payments with sellers?

Discuss payment methods, terms, and any additional fees. It’s crucial to establish a clear understanding of the payment process to avoid misunderstandings.

How can I stay informed during the tracking and post-delivery phase of the import process?

Ask the seller for a tracking number, regularly check the shipment status, and communicate any issues immediately. Maintain open communication for a smooth post-delivery process.

What steps can I take if I face issues with the delivered products?

Document the issues with photos, contact the seller immediately, and discuss potential solutions. Follow the platform’s dispute resolution process if necessary.

How do I build a long-term relationship with sellers for future trades?

Communicate professionally, fulfill your payment obligations on time, provide feedback, and express your interest in future collaborations. Building trust is essential for long-term relationships.


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