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What's Inside?

The crucial documents required for seamless imports from China. Starting with business VAT registration, the video covers the Exim code, necessary bank guarantee, and various documents like the packing list, proforma invoice, certificate of origin, and more. Gain insights into the essential paperwork for successful and hassle-free imports

Key points covered in this video

  • Document required to import 
  • Business VAT Registration and Exim Code
  • Document Importance Based on Goods Nature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Exim code, and why is it necessary?

The Exim code is a unique code used in import/export transactions. It is essential for customs clearance and is required to be applied for by businesses.

Is company registration mandatory for importing from China?

Yes, you must register for VAT either through your own form or opt to register through our firm based on your business needs

What documents are typically required for importing goods from China?

Essential documents include the packing list, proforma invoice, certificate of origin, Bill of Landing, Airway Bill, TT document, and custom transit declaration form. Specific industries may require additional licences.

Is it advisable to use an import agent for managing these documents?
  • Yes, using an import agent like Rodhi Sources can streamline the document management process, ensuring a smooth import experience.


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