Old- Baneshower
Kathmandu Nepal

Work Hours
Sunday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Rajkumar Kumal


About Business:

  • Attraction Shoes Store, located in Boudha, Kathmandu, is a recently established footwear haven. Specializing in men’s shoes and sneakers, the store offers both online and offline shopping experiences. Within a few months, it has expanded its reach to various cities in Nepal, ensuring prompt home delivery. With positive reviews and minimal returns, the store’s commitment to delivering as promised online is evident.
  • Responding to increasing demand, the owner, Rajkumal Kumal, diversified the business. A few months ago, Pinkey Bag Store was introduced, offering stylish ladies’ bags both online and offline. The new venture quickly gained popularity, achieving steady sales growth. Both Attraction Shoes Store and Pinkey Bag Store continue to thrive, reflecting Rajkumar Kumal’s dedication to delivering quality products and exceptional service

Challenges faced

When Rajkumar Kumal returned to Nepal from abroad with a passion for the shoe business, he faced some hurdles. Not knowing where to buy shoes, he explored the wholesale market in Kathmandu. However, he found limited designs and encountered rude behavior from some sellers. Even after discovering a few stores, there was another challenge – a restricted product range that led to market saturation. Determined to overcome these challenges and compete effectively, he looked for better options for his business.

Rodhi’s Support:

Rajkumar and his wife discovered Rodhi’s services online and decided to explore importing products instead of relying solely on wholesalers. After a positive meeting with Rodhi’s team, they found it to be their best choice. With guidance from Rodhi’s sales team, they started importing products from China, beginning with a small order. The results exceeded their expectations, leading them to increase their imports with Rodhi’s assistance. Not only did they receive their products promptly, but they also enjoyed marketing benefits like page boosting and promotion. Their partnership with Rodhi has made importing from China simpler and more profitable for their business.