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Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the smallest quantity of products a supplier is willing to sell to a buyer in a single order. This condition, often termed as the “minimum order policy,” sets a threshold for purchasing from a supplier.

For instance, if a supplier sets an MOQ of 200 units for t-shirts, buyers must purchase a minimum of 200 t-shirts from that supplier unless alternative arrangements are negotiated.

The rationale behind MOQs varies, primarily aimed at helping suppliers maintain profitability by ensuring that each order covers the associated processing costs. This includes resources such as time, labor, and materials. By setting MOQs, suppliers avoid processing small orders that may not yield sufficient profit.

However, high MOQs can pose challenges for small-scale buyers or those initiating their businesses, restricting access to certain suppliers and products, thus complicating inventory sourcing.

Finding Suppliers with Flexible MOQs:

Despite the challenges, buyers can find suppliers with more flexible MOQs that align with their business needs. Platforms like provide filters to help buyers identify suppliers with less rigid MOQ requirements.

Here’s a simple guide to finding suppliers with low MOQs on

  1. Start by searching for the desired product.
  2. Utilize the filter option to specify your desired MOQ, such as five or ten units.
  3. Filter the search results to display suppliers offering products with your preferred MOQ.

In addition, buyers can negotiate MOQs with suppliers to reach mutually beneficial agreements. When negotiating, maintaining professionalism and respect is essential. Aim for a reasonable alternative to the supplier’s initial MOQ, considering factors like wholesale prices and product testing needs.

By implementing these strategies, buyers can overcome the challenges posed by high MOQs and find suppliers that cater to their business requirements effectively.

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